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Golden Arts and Music Global Inc.

Golden Arts and Music Global Inc.

Golden Arts and Music Global Inc.

Art We Explore, Create, and Upgrade.

We offer architecture and interior design services via both traditional and innovative processes. We express design through abundant color, bringing vivid ideas to life. With custom-made textile designs, we provide artwork for various decorative purposes.


Our past work has included a range of architectural and design projects completed with care, creativity, and expertise. Full finishing for walls and restoration of antiques and gilding are a few examples of the accomplishments of our professional design artists.

Urban Exterior and Decorative

With Nature and Wind ( Pet-friendly Suit)

Merch & Display

Galaxy Wardrobe

Duomo's Club

We offer commercial and residential interior and exterior art pieces and murals that add aesthetic distinctiveness to properties, enhancing their value. We have expert artists capable of advising you and applying any artistic style you may wish to your space.

More than Visualize

Tales of Marble, Lights, and Shadows. 

Memmo Venezia

Stamford City Mural

Subway Wall Art:
We Smile and Keep Music On

Church Project:
I Saw What I Experienced

Broken Nature:
9 different rooms, 9 different emotions

Golden Arts and Music Global Inc.

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Opening Hours: Mon - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm (by appointment only)

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