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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of artworks do you rent out?

We rent out various types of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media art. Our collection features works from both emerging and established artists, offering a wide range of styles and mediums to suit different tastes and settings.

Q. How long is the rental period?

The rental period can range from a minimum of one week to a maximum of one year. Contact us if you want to extend the rental term or even purchase the artwork during the rental period.

Q. How does the rental process work?

First, you select the desired artwork through our website or by consulting with our advisors. After filling out and submitting the rental application form for the selected artwork, our team will review and approve your application. Upon approval, the artwork will be delivered to your designated location, and installation service will be provided if needed. When the rental period ends, the artwork is either collected on the specified date or get returned by the customer. If you wish to extend or exchange the rental during the period, please proceed by receiving procedure guidance.

Q. What if an artwork is damaged or lost?

If a rented artwork is damaged or lost during the rental period, the customer is responsible for the whole loss or damage. Typically, to prepare for such situations, We specify the compensation conditions for damage or loss of the artwork when entering into a rental agreement. We will evaluate the damage. If the damage is minor, repair costs can be charged. However, if the artwork is seriously damaged or lost, the customer may have to bear the full market value or restoration cost of the artwork. Additionally, we may offer the option to purchase artwork insurance when renting, which can help minimize potential risks.

Q. Where can the rented artworks be used?

Renting and using artwork is an effective way to breathe life into a space, change the atmosphere, and express an individual's or organization's identity.


From offices, homes, real estate, special events, and interior design to film and TV production, rented artwork can enhance various environments and provide aesthetic pleasure to those who visit them.​Artwork can create an environment that promotes creativity and productivity in offices.


Placing artwork in lobbies or meeting rooms transforms office spaces into more vibrant and inspiring places.​The artwork reflects the residents' tastes and styles in homes, interior design, and real estate, improving the home's ambiance.


Artwork can be used in various home areas, such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room, making the house warmer and inviting.​ Artwork can reinforce the theme or atmosphere of special events or exhibitions. It makes the event more impressive and provides memorable experiences for the attendees.​


In film and TV production, artworks can be used as set decorations to make the story's background more realistic and rich.


Appropriate art pieces help the audience become more deeply immersed in the narrative.​ Renting artworks adds aesthetic value to various spaces and situations, helping users have more positive and inspiring experiences.

Q. How are the artworks provided by you selected?

We select artworks that are high in artistic value, technically excellent, and unique and creative. This is determined by comprehensively evaluating themes, form, color, and texture.

Additionally, we respect and collaborate with artists representing diverse backgrounds and cultures. It aims to offer customers a variety of experiences and perspectives. It is also essential that the artworks reflect customers' demands and market trends. Consideration is given to whether the artworks suit specific spaces or situations.

Our collaborations with artists are underpinned by transparent and fair contracts, safeguarding the rights of the artists and the value of their works. We are committed to supporting the career development of artists, providing a range of opportunities such as exhibitions, workshops, and promotions. We maintain an open line of communication with artists, sharing feedback on their works and market reactions. This dialogue helps artists understand and respond to the demands of the market and audience, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Through these selection criteria and curation processes, we strive to provide high-quality artworks, maintain healthy collaborative relationships with artists, and offer customers diverse and rich artistic experiences.

Golden Arts and Music Global Inc.

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